"She came over and in one day we had a whole new house.

We didn't want our home to be a constant work in progress – we didn't have the time to spend week after week…decision after decision. Instead of working with a designer for months, we had instant gratification.

The functionality and flow of our house is so much better…we actually sit down and eat at our dining room table now. We are so much more comfortable in our space.”

-- Andrea & Greg Hosbein
Chicago, Illinois

"Working with Christine is not about buying a $10,000 couch. The focus is really: Who are you? What do you have? And how can you get the things you need – like order, serenity, comfort and beauty – with what you already own?

A lot of people are wary of decorators whose ‘hidden agenda’ is their link to a specific product or store. Christine’s business is not about commissions. It’s about you.”

-- Claire Conley
Chicago, Illinois


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